Is it because of the training pants or it is already THE TIME ??!!

Yesterday was a milestone for Aiman, he managed to not wear diapers for the whole day. :) That is when he is 3 and 1/2 years old already. For some it is quite late, but for me it is the matter whether the child is ready or not. This is a common problem for modern mums such as my friend have also discovered. The problem for finding the exact time our kids are ready to be potty trained.

As for Aiman it was quite a long journey (and it is not ended yet). After various ways of persuading, coaxing, threatening and bribing failed to make Aiman NOT to wear diapers, hubby and I decided to buy training pants for him (as advertised in ). So yesterday morning, we make him wear it. He peed in it, as I had expected. But amazingly after that whenever he feel to pee, he just remove his pants, go to toilet, pee and wash himself. Without no help or directive. But once in a while the activities were added with playing with water, ermmm...

So is the training pants make him very uncomfortable to pee in the pants or it is already the time Aiman understand that he is big enough to not wearing diapers??!!

By the way, hubby and I are planning to buy the cloth diapers for Erina because it is so so so very environmental friendly. hehehe and maybe, maybe she can be potty trained earlier by using those diapers... hermm ...


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