Goodbye Level 60 :(

--an outdated entry--

21st November 2008 will be etched in my memory as the last day of having office at Level 60. Our emotion was mostly sad since it is very very great living in the cloud. Seriously, it was living in the cloud during rain hehe...

My view was the KL Tower and whenever the tower missing in the rain cloud (or is it the columinombus) I will surely know the rain is very heavy. Eventhough sometimes the experience during the rain was quite scary, the view during clear sunny day was very marvellous.

We could directly see the Genting and the highlands in the morning was usually covered by fog. A very serene scene. But not only its view that I loved, but also its amenities and accessibility.

Have you ever went to restroom in Suria KLCC? the one without any water hose but that one is quite a defect since the 'target' is too far but in KLCC Tower the 'target' is perfect. ;) Good toilet means good office hehehe... The lift was separated into segments, for level 60, from lobby we have to take the express lift, very express it can go from ground to level 41 in about 30 secs. Then have to take another lift to go to level 60 but all is fast and the support is always there. Just press the button and the operator will say. "how i can help you?" hehe very comforting in the time there is problem in the lift.

Since the tower is adjoining to Suria KLCC, we could go for eating (breakfast/brunch/lunch/tea/dinner) directly without the concern of the weather. All is under one roof. The journey back home is also the same since we can use the "indoor track" through Suria to LRT station.

Life is a bliss in Level 60 .... oppss Life was a bliss in Level 60


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