How Healthy You Are??!!! part 2

Oh man... last week I was down again, unfortunately my sore throat was on Friday, so no chance to get MC hehehe... I could not talk as usual, I talked very softly since it hurts my throat, I could not gulp anything because it hurts thus that was a very bland and hungry friday.
I went straight to see the doctor after office hours but have to wait for almost 1 hour to see him. he suspected infection but since it was started the week before ( the bump at neck) he gave me until monday, if still persists he wants me to see ENT specialist. he gave extra strong antibiotic and other medicines and voila by sunday I can talk and scream as usual hehehe...
so have to take a little bit extra care of  myself or is it because this new office ?? hmmmmm


Zetty said…
sometimes kan body kita ni react to our mood and psychological being. mcm bila rasa keje tension or tak best...badan akan start rasa sakit2.

anyways, get well soon!
Saidatul Maria said…
Thanks for the wishes :)
viruspadu said…
skrg dah boleh jerit kuat2 kan :D

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