idle man is dead man

the past few weeks have been extra hectic for me... being it my personal life or my work life,.... the level of hectic is almost the same...

hubby was outstation for several quite long stretches and the kids were extra "good" during those times.... it was a  tough training of patience for me... then the kids got sick one after another.... fever, fever and fever... may Allah bless us more by getting us to endure these small sickness...

the works was never ending as usual and i was trying very hard to control my stress  a lot of delicious food.... and now feel likes gaining a little bit of weight hahahhaa.....

but I am grateful for this hectic-ness.... it means I am still alive, I am still have family, I am still have some works, I am still can contribute to others. The only idle man are those who are dead. If you found me sort of idling somewhere, fyi, I am not idling, I am just taking a breather ;)


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