dum dam dum this year no bunga api dum dam dum

this year raya was celebrated moderately... as both of us (hubby and I) was swarmed with work during Ramadan and before Ramadan and after Ramadan...hahahha it means all the time...

luckily I have bought 'kain' baju kurung wayyyy before Ramadan so less hassle during Ramadan shopping spree. I purposely do the same set of baju kurung for both daughters and myself... bila lagi nak jd kumpulan nasyid kan... as usual, I requested my MIL to sew our baju kurungs and as usual because we are family, our order will always be the last one to be completed... heheh however this year Erina have developed an effective strategy by sitting beside her grandmother and kept asking "Nenek dah jahit baju raya Erina ke?" hahaha then Nenek become soft hearted and directly sew her baju kurung... and then Zahira just standing beside nenek and buat muka comel so Nenek pun buat baju dia jugak hahahhaha... kesian my MIL ;p
Our orange purple 'nasyid uniform'
this year we spent the first raya at my mom's house. as usual, malam raya was spent with takbir raya from house to house and as usual also my mom's house will be among the last one pffttt... aiman was very excited doing the takbir round while erina was sulking since she was not allowed to join the takbir round (usually it is all men team). my mom cook laksa for the takbir while i prepared agar-agar oren (jelly in the oranges).

the first raya.... zahira down with fever... so I have to carry her almost all the time, fortunately she was not cranky...anyway, after the solat raya, we have our usual photo session.
raya pics...raya pics...
then only we went back to kampung, but this year we adjust the route of the house to visit and get to spend lunchtime at our favorite kampung house and for the first time ever get a group photo of my mom's family... weeeee.... anyway i just realized that i am the shortest among my cousins.... d@mmmmnnnnnn hahahha... we also take a lot of pics of the kids at the stairs and the window.... and also under the very hot sun heheheh
my mom's family... standing (the second generation) seated in the middle (the first generation) seated at the front (the third generation)
love this :)
the second day raya as usual (it is our routine), was spent at hubby's kampung but somehow lack its 'meriahness' may be because tak cukup kuorum.... but still we took pictures at the stairs... gambar wajib bila balik kampung time raya...then we went back to my MIL's house and lepak only until the third day... hahaha... actually I was down on the third day raya.... :(

another stairs as the backdrop

 so there goes my raya... and no bunga api this year because hubby said.... bakar duit je... ;p

so... SELAMAT HARI RAYA and MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all of you


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