me in blogging = polar bear in hibernation mode

so loooonnnnnggggg not writing on this blog

as usual have been very busy in living my life and have to sacrifice the little time for myself to sit down pondering about the life and write it down in this blog.

I have learned a lot during my 'hibernation mode' that I think it would be worth sharing with all of you:

1- whatever you have learnt, you should take action on or be 'nike' 
( just do it) 

2- whatever other great people teach you... only you yourself can implement those tips/idea into your life

for example: if you like/save/hashtag those exercise picture, you would not ever be fit or thinner unless you do those exercises yourself... this is a reminder for myself ;p

3- must seek the positive from all the situations even though it requires hardwork

and.... the most important lesson of all time....

4-allah is the best planner (borrow my colleague's advice


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