How to make your kids wake up for Sahur easier and easily

It is already the middle of Ramadhan, but waking up my 2 kids for Sahur (meal before dawn) is still a time consuming task. If they slept early, my little Mister A is a little bit easier to wake up but for my Miss E, we have to spent at least 15 minutes just to get her to open her eyes. So to make things easier, I always cook something that they love for Sahur and enticed them with it. Yeah I know it is some sort of bribery... but we need them to have Sahur in order to have a smooth fasting day. So just excuse us for that sort of bribery hehehe....

Anyway, I usually will cook something aromatic that will 'assault' their nose while they are still sleeping so waking up them after that will be much faster and easier. So one of their favorite food that I cook for Sahur is my own recipe of Aromatic Fried Chicken. It is very easy to prepare and will make people hungry when smelling it :)

Recipe Aromatic Fried Chicken

  • Chicken
  • Flour
  • Lime juice
  • Sea Salt
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Beaten egg white
  • Oat
  • A pinch of :
    • Cumin
    • Coriander
    • Black Pepper
    • Oregano
    • tumeric powder
    • garam masala (garam here is not salt, it means hot in Hindi... do not believe me??? go ask Uncle Google ;) )
  1. Put some flour, salt and lime juice onto the chicken thoroughly. Let it marinated for about 10 minutes and then rinse it with water. This is a tip that I have learnt from Mat Gebu to restore the freshness of the chicken.
  2. make it fresh
  3. Crush salt, garlic, ginger and all the herbs together. Then marinate it onto the chicken thoroughly. You may leave it between half an hour up to overnight for better taste.

  1. Prepare the oil for deep fry. Dip the chicken into the egg white and then roll it onto the flour (not floor :p ) that have been mixed with oat. Then just fry the chicken :) 
I love putting the oat into the recipe as it will help to reduce the calories from the deep frying. Another way to reduce the calories is to use Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel. You can just put the chicken onto 3 sheets of the Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel and it have been tested by an international laboratories that method can reduce calorie intake from fat by an average of 25%. Very the easy right??!! How can it absorb so much ??? Because the Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel is made with revolutionary Fiber-Tech technology, and from 100% natural pulp in a thicker weave to support superior oil absorbency. The towel is also infused with green tea extract, an ingredient that is long known and used for fat reduction. Now I can enjoy my own Aromatic Fried Chicken (and other homemade deep fried foods) without feeling guilty about the calories. :D
Aromatic Fried Chicken.... can you smell it ? ;)

So for Sahur, time have to been used effectively and efficiently, I cleaned up my kitchen with the Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel as it have been designed for superior absorbency which make removing oil effectively on the greasiest kitchen surface. A clean kitchen ensure a delicious and healthy meals :) Even though the Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel seems like an exclusive product, actually it is very affordable as it is now available at many stores nationwide. The recommended retail price is RM6.20 for 2-roll and RM14.90 only for 6-roll in West Malaysia. That means it is only RM2.48 per roll (for the 6-roll) very cheap compare to the price of 1-piece of fried chicken :) hehehe....
absorrrrbbbbb the fat :)
Oh yeah.... do not forget to wipe out the mess from your kid's face with the Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel too :)


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