Only the best for Miss Z

Being a parent, especially mother, we only want to give the best to our kids. Hopefully by giving the best, we can nurture our children's potential to the fullest. The first thing that we have to give best is quality sustenance or better known as food :p

Kids rapid development need a lot of nutrition at all time. If our children loves to eat anything, it is a bless as we can give all the healthy food to them and they eat it without any hassle. But..... if our children is a picky eater, you need to have a lot of tips and tricks to coax them to eat all those healthy food.

As for my Miss Z, she eats according to her mood, if she is in the mood of eating, she will eats a lot which is a lot. Hehehe but.... if she is not in the mood, she will only drink her milk repeatedly and refuse to eat anything else. At times like this I can easily get worried wondering whether she gets enough of her daily dose of key nutrients.

As a 4 year-old, she is still growing and developing her body and her personality too. That is why we (hubby and I, but usually hubby is the one analyzing every thing) are very picky about which growing up milk we give to Miss Z.

The first ingredient that we analyze is the DHA. DHA is the shortname of Docosahexaenoic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid. This is the main structural component of human brain, cerebral cortex (simply means the skin of our brain), skin, sperm, testicles and retina. As we know, the main natural source of omega-3 fatty acid is cold-water oceanic fish oils. Since Malaysia is not the home of "cold-water oceanic fish", those kind of fish is not that fresh when reach here, that is why we want Miss Z to get her daily DHA dose in her growing up milk. As per recommendation from FAO/WHO [FAO Food and Nutrition Paper: Fats and Fatty Acid in Human Nutrition (2010) ], the daily intake of DHA for kids 2-4 years (Miss Z is going to be 4 this August) is 100-150mg/day for optimal maximum brain and motor development.

Of course calcium and milk are inseparable. In addition Miss Z is a girl (if  you still did not notice hahaha ...) so the amount of calcium she needs to consume during toddlers age should be high. For ladies, 90% of the bone developement will be completed by the age of 18 (and 20 for men), that is why we need to stock up on calcium during toddler time to be a good foundation for healthy bones as an adult. "Saranan Pengambilan Nutrien Malysia (2005) untuk 4-6 tahun" recommended daily dosage of 600mg of calcium.

During her constant growth, Miss Z will need a steady supply of protein which will allow her body to build and repair body tissues. Due to her allergic to some type of nuts, which in turn make me nuts as I cannot give her nuts, I have to be more resourceful to reach the target of 23g protein daily as suggested by "Saranan Pengambilan Nutrien Malysia (2005) untuk 4-6 tahun". So if her growing up milk have 5.5g per meal, I have to give her (23/5.5) 4 meals of milk everyday. Wow.... easy to calculate ;p

Also due to her allergy, it is my not-ending yet journey to increase her immunity system. "Saranan Pengambilan Nutrien Malysia (2005) untuk 4-6 tahun" stated the daily dosage of Vitamin A should be 450mg. The right dosage of Vitamin A should help to build a resilient immune system, a good vision and a clear skin.

However, we also have to ensure Miss Z have an effective and good digestive system. This will ensure Miss Z body is absorbing nutrients well and remove the toxic from her body naturally. This is where prebiotics (food for good bacteria) is crucial, one example of good prebiotics is long chain fructooligosaccharides (IcFOS).

Nowadays we can easily find all the 5 ingredients above at the right amount in the new-and-improved Dumex™ Dugro® 5 Nutri growing up milk. It is formulated with protein, calcium, vitamin A and IcFOS, and now contains 100% more DHA (compared to previous formulation) to support brain development.
The various range of Dugro growing up milk

It is our constant hope and prayers that with the right nutrition Miss Z will be healthy, happy and have the necessary foundations to grow as a well-rounded individual so that she can create, explore more and shine even brighter in the future.


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