Yesterday Miss E is 9!!!

My eldest princess was 9 yesterday :)

A happy girl who bring 90 party packs to school. Jenuh ibu nya ni pack tgh2 malam sorang2... hahaha as long as she is happy :)

2 out of 90 party packs
Not a small kid anymore, becoming more tween ( considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager) nowadays.Yesterday her topic of discussion is eye-bag :P and I just keep thinking "A 9-year old is discussing eye-bag... be still my heart, do not laugh do not laugh do not laugh.... hahaha". She was complaining that her class got a lot of homework so they could not sleep early, hence the eye-bag. And the girls in her class are comparing their eye-bag. Oh my... my one-liner solution "This was to teach all of you how to manage your time". Hahaha very skema....

So Miss E,

Happy Birthday to you...
May you become a much more lovelier girl in future. Just remember, the beauty of the person is in his/her attitude not only physical. Take care your connection with Allah and always remember ibu and ayah love you very much.


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