baru ku tahu....

baru dapat newsletter Mesra Petronas... ada satu tips yg baru ku tahu... tips no 3 sbb dah penah experience sblm ni static tu... tapi sbb mmg bukan i yg nak isi petrol tu so still selamat lah... :P

Good to know!

1.   Did you know that you can directly redeem your Mesra points at the terminal
      via your PETRONAS Mesra card? And did you know only PETRONAS have this
      one-of-a-kind facility? Now that's awesome customer experience!

2.   It is good to write your name at the back of your PETRONAS Mesra card in
      order to identify which card belongs to you. We don't want all that
      hard-earned points gone missing right!

3.   At the pump, always touch the metal part of your vehicle before refueling.
      This will help to discharge static accumulated around your body. We don't
      want anything bad happen to you!

kalau tak rambut i jadi mcm ni lah gamaknya


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