The Fall :(

Erina fell down from sofa during sleeping and she cried loudly for hours after that... :( She did not want me to touch or cuddle her... I felt very very very sad with the rejection and I cried too until I slept and cried out my heart again when hubby woke me up... actually it was quite funny coz my cry can continue just like that... hehe

The next day, I took my day off since I was quite worried with Erina's aftermath of the fall. Then in the evening, I took Aiman and Erina to playground. After spending almost 1 hour at the playground, she fell down from the playground's platform. It is almost 1m high!!! My heart had missed a beat and after a quick thorough check (no broken bones, no bruises) she cried for only 10 minutes with less intensity than the night before... so no worries


anishussein said…
I know exactly how you feel. When Imran hit Hilux windshield, I was so scared that we went to clinic immediately. haha.. talk about panicking.
Saidatul Maria said…
panicking or mother instict go haywire? hehehe

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