I am a very good partner in going to buffet hehe...perasan sendiri... :P but I really I love to eat a variety of food and have seasonal favourite food, according to my moods, :).

As usual during Aidilfitri, I will eat a lot of ketupat and rendang but this year I miss my Mak Ngah's ketupat and rendang ayam kampung, mana tak miss I came to her house only on the evening of 2nd raya, sudah habis lor... However, the food perk of this raya is CHOCOLATE CAKE at Mak Yam's house, her sibling got it from a hotel, a very big cake (hotel style) and the chocolate was very delicious, I was savouring every bite of the cake. hmmmm I should be looking for that hotel hehe... the chocolate icing is not too sweet and the cake also not too sweet but eaten together it feels like euphoria... hehe betul ke description ni... Just memorizing the chocolate cake make me craving for more aaaa....

ishk no more idea... will be continued when the inspiration came ;)


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