i have been conned....

oh my......
Oh nooooo... I have been conned
 before this I only heard about people being scammed through phone calls, before this I always cut short any suspicious phone calls

but today, I answered and entertained the lady that call through that "Private Number"

she claimed that she is asking for verification from Maybank so I thought the call is legit
but the bell no 1 is ringing, she did not give out her name or I thought I did not hear it
then she asked several questions regarding my credit card, I answered dutifully
then she asked the three numbers at the back claiming that the number is the list of club or something
I become doubtful but I gave it to her
she heard it wrongly and said, "this belongs to mohd rashdan "
the bell  no 2 is ringing, but when she repeat the number, I corrected her
then she explains to me about medical card to be use in clinics given to me as I am qualified as I am Bumiputera
the bell no 3 is ringing, what the heck is Maybank related to medical card and she did not give out the medical card name... only 'kad klinik'
but I listen for her explanation
then she said that card can also be use at other places such hotel reservation etc
every explanations were ended with "paham ye? (do you understand)"
I become more suspicious
I ask "this medical card is free or I have to pay something?"
she said "yes only once registration fee rm299"
there the biggest bell rings in my head
then I firmly said "in that case I do not want this medical card since I do not think I will use it" (my company already covered medical)
then she said "this is given to you as bumiputera, you cannot say no, we already charged you and we cannot refund you"
that really ticked me off
how come something given to you because 'the qualification' and you have to pay for it
she replied "if you do not want, you can cancel the medical card during the renewal for second year"
i argued back "i do not want it now, i do not want to pay for it, why should i wait for one year, please remove me from whatever list that you have now"
she said " my job is only to explains this medical card to you, i could not cancel you from this list"
so i said "then give me your company's name" (because i want to check in my credit card account)
she replied " i could not give it to you through the phone"
and she hang up on me !!!!

for the whole duration I maintain my composure, I speak politely with her even during when I ordered her to cancel whatever thing she charged me into. This is very very unlike me (my teammate should be surprised that I could maintain that polite voice for that long hahahahha). But she dare to hang up on me.

So I quickly call Maybank Call Centre, asked them to block my card, but were advised to cancel the card immediately.... so if she dare to con me, now I con her back since she could not charge those RM299 to me

so to others, please beware and careful when answering the phone from strangers, please listen to all your bells ringing ( how foolish I am to ignore the first bells)

Be careful uolllsss


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