De-stress tips for working mothers

Being a working mother is a very challenging life, full of stress but very rewarding... some may says that being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mother) is better but for me I work so that I can give back to my parents and my country ( since I did not required to pay back my education loan, so this is the way I can pay back indirectly). Just imagine the world without female nurses, female doctors...ermmmm ;) In a way, this is to teach my kids that life is not centred only to themselves, we must give back to the society. Anyway, I love my job ( heh 90% of it). Hehehe

However, the real challenge is to do balancing act between mother's life and career's life. Somehow I found these tips that I think is very crucial to keep our sanity in check and to keep our emotion healthy.

multitasking at its best?? 
9 Ways to Take Pressure Off Yourself As a Mother:

1. Recognize the difference between the things you can change and those you can’t change. Don't waste time and energy worrying about things you can't change and concentrate on what you have some control over.

2. Look at concerns or problems or issues objectively. What is the worst that could happen if you allow it or overlook it? In the “big picture” is it worth all the stress it is creating? Maybe it’s not a problem at all.

3. Remember that children are not “bad” – it’s just that sometimes their behavior is not what you would like. Congratulate yourself and your child at times when their behavior is what you like.

4. All behavior has meaning. Don't just look at what the child is doing/not doing now that you're not happy with. Think about what has led up to this situation, consider your own actions and ask the child some questions. How is the child feeling

5. Before you react to a situation, take a few seconds to calm yourself and think about the words you will use or the actions you will take. Consider the effect.

6. Simplify your daily activities. Priorities tasks, keeping the children’s needs and your needs in mind. What is the most important thing for you to get done today?

7. If there is a particular type of behavior you would like to see in your children, for example, “good manners”, then instead of continually reminding them about saying “Please” and “Thank-you”, simply be their role-model and say it yourself every time. Children copy what they hear and what they see.

8. Make family social activities less stressful by keeping them child-friendly and appropriate to the children’s ages. A three-year-old is unlikely to be able to sit still in a café, theatre or restaurant for two hours. A trip to the park or children’s library might be easier to manage.

9. Children are not “mini-adults”. They don't have the same material expectations and needs as adults, and they are not capable of making decisions about everything. So remember to treat your children as children and keep it simple. They do want and need your love and guidance above all else.


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