January rain

Drip drop drip drop drip drop
The rain drops on the roof
Poof poof poof
The pedestrians open up the colorful umbrellas
Suddenly the rain goes whooossshhh
Like a bucketful of water is poured to you
Pedestrians run for cover
Cyclists also take cover for a change of raincoat
Only those can afford the real waterproof coat will still dry

Move red light move red light move red light
The cars start slowing down
Honking also starting
The line became longer and longer
All is impatient to get back to their nest
Alas they became selfish in a blink of eye

Rain is not the cause
Rain is here as blessing
For the air to purify
For the trees to grow
For the animals to drink
For the temperature to cool down
For the dirtiness to be cleansed
For the clogged drains to function
For the cars to be automatically washed
For humans to improve their level of patience
For humans to upgrade their level of gratitude
For humans to pray

"Ya Allah the great provider, please provide us abundance of rezeki as much as the heavy rain that you have bestow upon us today".

Note: the picture is googled.


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