What do you get when you bark at the wrong tree??

Today's my Miss E is on mc leave after two nights of diarrohea. So I as the loving mom ( of coz lah kan ;)) have to work from home to monitor her. Lucky kapten is very considerate :) Thanks my beloved kapten hihi

During lunch hour, I want to try the new outlet of Subway behind my house. Ko ada subway blkg rumah?? Hahaha berlagak tak ingat.... So I bring my Miss E walk to the Subway. While we are enjoying our lunch, came a quite old guy, around 60++. He put his things outside then he came inside, have a little chat with the cashier and bring a cup of hot water to his table. Next, he poured some 3-in-1 drink concoction to his cup and started arrange his things on the table while lighting some sort of cigarette (or curut?). A flask, a laptop and a radio. I was intrigued as he brings his own radio to restaurant. That is very rare. So I took a picture ;p and now I feel like I am a stalker hahaha
My focus is the radio
Then he strikes up conversation with two young man at the next table. After a few minutes, suddenly he opens up the door and started blabbering quite loudly  to the cashier who is 5-metres away.

" Do you have pork burger here? I want to eat burger babi. Melayu sekarang semua suka makan rasuah. Saya mahu makan babi lah. Lepas solat saya mahu makan babi sebab orang Melayu suka makan rasuah. Jadi itu babi dah halal lah. blablabla MBSA, MPSJ blablablablabla...."

Then he just gather his things and begone. The cashiers, the Subway staff, the other customers and myself were left speechless.

Why he complained about the government or whatever to the Subway?
Why suddenly he vent out like that?
Is there a lot of other people who barks at the wrong tree?
Is there a lot of others who seems are emotionally unstable?

Personally I  think.....
He get nothing for barking at the wrong tree.


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