My Own Little Stars

I love watching Seriously Funny Kids which was hosted by Heidi Klum, yeah... she is an eye candy but the stars of the show were the kids. I believe conducting a witty conversation with adult should be considered as one of children's greatest talent. Children can be groomed or nurtured to have any talent that they want as early as it can be.

As for now, my Mister A is becoming an avid reader with a bucketful of imagination. He can read and re-read the same book more than 3 times. He is already encroaching my childhood collection books. Hopefully this will become his hobby up until his adulthood.

Meanwhile, my Miss E is very passionate in cooking and baking. She kept pestering me in the kitchen whenever I am going to cook something special. Now I am wondering... why she did not want to help me for the not-so-special dishes??? hmmmmm

As for my 3-year-old Miss Z, she is now my husband's muse for photography. Just ask her to shoot her photo, she will be automatically ready for a few poses. Where did she pick up all of these???? hehehe... It is really entertaining to watch her :) They are my own little stars :)
By celebrating her talent, hopefully my Miss E can be so much more than be a Dugrostar

So how about your kids or your niece or your nephew??? What talents that they have? Can they be a star to others also?? (of course they are the star in the eyes of their parents)

For absolutely free participation, just join Dugrostar™. With Dugrostar™, every child gets to be a star! This opportunity is open to children in two age-based categories: three to six years AND six plus to 10 years. Participants in each age category can enter in these segments - singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of these talents, and perform individually or in a group of up to six children.

From now to 12 October, join proud parents across Malaysia to rejoice in the special talent of their child by participating in this unique opportunity.  Parents can register their child easily by uploading a video of their child’s performance at

How to?

  1. Log on to 
  2. Click on "Pendaftaran" then "Borang"
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Key in HH0026 in the "Kod Rujukan Video", then submit your video and lastly press "Hantar"

For more information on Dugro® and Dugrostar™, log on to or call the Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

So... what are you waiting for?? Just capture your kids talent on video and submit it now... go... go... go...


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