This elated feelings...

I knew that by making others happy you will be automatically happy too. But I never knew it can be contagious :D

Today(as of 15th October 2014), I experienced it first hand. This year have been a hectic year for my team  at my workbplace. Of course I do not have team in my home... :p We do not have many opportunity to have outside-office activities. Less pot luck sessions compared to previous years. There goes our usual bonding sessions. It have been hectic but the stress level is still manageable.

Then last week, we realised that today would be our team lead's birthday. What is the better way to de-stress and bonding within the team? Yeahhh ... to hold a surprise party at 8 o'clock in the morning :)

So we bought the decorations, cake and the gift. Plus the breakfast for the team. The this morning, the morning batch (those who came super early to office) start the decorations at our team lead's cubicle. They blow up balloons at 7:30am hehehe ....only those with special powers could blow up balloons very early in the morning.

We managed to get our team lead's husband to delay her arrival. We intended to give a "surprise" shout. Instead, we are the one who get surprised as she arrived unannounced hahaha .... and all of us got dumbstruck at the moment hahaha.... that was epic ;p
And all of us feel happy throughout the day :)

To my team lead, stay awesome :) #themoreufeedusthemoreweloveu

To all of my team members and the NTL (BB next team)... thanks a lot for all of your contributions, assistance, love and happiness that make the surprise party memorable and success in its own way. Thank you :)

p/s: Do we set a too high benchmark? Next year need to be more grand as its major milestone... so please start collect ideas... hehehe


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