Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012 ... part 1

Last week, I got invitation by Samsung to participate in Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012, thus I have enrolled my son, Aiman. Actually Aiman is not really a Chelsea fan, he is more to Arsenal (well.... bapa borek anak rintik ;)  ) but I thought this a too good opportunity to just let go.

So on Sunday 11/11/12 (such a nice date) , we went to NPNG Sports Centre at Damansara Damai. Situ rupanya Chelsea nya spot kat Malaysia. Anyway, we reached there at 8.30 in the morning as per the invitation but the actual registration only started at 9. Pffftt... nearly dampen the excitement.

After getting a pair of Chelsea jersey plus Samsung's socks, Aiman is ready to be in action.
The official group photo with 4 Chelsea youth coach
Then the kids were divided into 3 groups according to their age range. Aiman is in the first group with sumijelly's son and the first session is with coach Steven Leonard Shipp (if I am not mistaken). He taught the kids a few tricks during dribble by associating the tricks with Chelsea's player name. It is very fun for the 7 to 9 years old kids. Luckily there is a Malaysian guy helping the coach so whenever the kids do not understand what the coach is saying, he will translate to BM or explain it again. At first Aiman do have difficulty to understand what the coach is saying due to his British accent.

Then the second session is with coach Jack Colin West. The kids learnt how to take control of the ball from other players. It seemed that the coaches adjusted the lesson according to the age group since the previous group with coach Jack do different stuff than Aiman's group.
Try to shoot the ball to the goal but one of them did hit the photographer ;)

The last session was with coach David Michael Stewart where they learnt how to do goal. Aiman volunteered to be the first goalkeeper. That was quite hilarious as he is very very slim (and not so tall yet) and the other kids are very keen to show off their skills by kicking the ball very hard. 
A small goalkeeper
Then they were divided into 2 teams and playing football. A football game of small kids is really entertaining as there is no strategy at all and all the kids (except the goalkeeper) will follow the ball wherever it goes.hehehe...the other teams from the other groups did not entertain us, the audience, that much.

Lastly, the certification ceremony, each kid was given a few mementos from Samsung and Chelsea plus a certificate. But after playing for 2 hours plus, Aiman have become very sweaty and when he hold his certificate, the ink (for the kids' name) become messy. Urrgghh... kids.... boys actually... sabar je lah kan..

As part of Samsung objective to empower the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle through food and eating habits, we were given opportunity to watch a cooking demonstration by a celebrity chef. Who??? Please wait for my "Samsung-Chelsea Youth Football Camp 2012...part 2"... muahahaa (mcm cerita drama apa je ada banyak part2).

Then there was lucky draw with the main prize is microwave. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get that...oh man...kan best kalau dapat, walaupun microwave kat rumah masih berfungsi dgn baik.... hahahaa....But......both hubby and I got the original Chelsea jersey :) 2 jersey okey.....muahahaha....

After all that excitement, when hubby asked Aiman, "so macammana Aiman tadi?" Aiman boleh jawab " Aiman sokong Chelsea lah sekarang, sebab sekarang Chelsea nombor 2 (in EPL) Arsenal no 7"
A newly converted Chelsea fan



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