..:: anecdote 9 - arjuna ::..

aiman is at the phase of remembering everything he saw or experience and be able to tell it again a few months later down the road... the usual victims are his 'alang' and uncle sab... during raya he was telling both of them about the sabah trip that happens on early july (which was two months ago)... the story was quite details inclusive of the advertisements he saw at kl sentral...

aiman: "aiman pergi kl sentral... pastu nampak arjuna!!"
'alang' & uncle sab: "huh? sapa arjuna tu?" (okey this pair did not watch that much tv)
aiman: "ala... arjuna... kul 9.30 mlm hari isnin di tv3" (ini telah diucapkan dgn nada seperti iklan di tv)



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