..:: kid's milestones ::..

i do not remember the exact date of every and each milestones that my kids have gone through. but i do remember the feelings of going through the milestones...

however, last week i totally missed aiman's major milestones....gigi dia tercabut :D
tengok2 dah rompong je gigi depan dia... i asked him when the teeth goes off tapi dia pun tak tersedar.....

then a few days ago, i noticed gigi kekal dia dah menunjukkan diri... 2 sekali lak tu... and gigi depan dia lagi satu dah start goyang... hubby is scaring him by saying to pull it off... hehe sian budak tu... have to do it without him realize that we are try to cabut the teeth...

maybe i need to feed him things that can make teeth pull off by itself... perhaps this one
or this one


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