..:: hubby's birthday ::..

this is the starter of events yg akan mengeringkan duit2 didalam akaun bank saya pada hujung2 tahun... hehe... even though that is a fact, but i love spend money for my loved ones. their happiness is much more valuable than the money :)

sebenarnya sejak kahwin, the ritual for his birthday is having dinner yg agak special sket... sebelum2 ni, time keje tmpt lama, saya adalah menjadi miskin bandar (owh saya harus buat satu entry pasal ni... later2 lah ye) maka nya tidak penah memberikan apa2 hadiah benda2 (seingat saya lah kan), so i planned to send him a surprise, i ordered a bouquet of ferrero rocher. i was torn between a bouquet of chocolate or plus a teddy bear. but feels a bit tacky, wacky, weird to give a macho man a teddy bear. haruslah kena pau dgn erina nanti.

he had a conference/seminar for the morning so he will be out from the office. the whole morning i kept checking my order, dah sampai ke belum dah sampai ke belum dah sampai ke belum. hampir2 nak call opismate dia utk tanya.... then... I saw this
the caption is "this is what I received when got back to the office just now.. surprise delivery from my lovely wife.. thank you honey.. love you"

aahhh I feel so loved, so appreciated, so excited macam lah aku yg dapat bouquet tu... hehehe... but the feeling was very good, happy (dan lain2 perkataan yg seangkatan dengannya). betullah kata orang, memberi itu lebih baik dari menerima (tapi kalau terima a bouquet of flowers pun akan rasa teruja gak wink wink to the appropriate person hehehe). ni lah sekali sekala nya nak membagi hadiah begini... oh tahun depan kena cari cara hadiah yg lain lak... ishk...

and we still maintain the ritual of going dinner to a little bit special place.... :) dah tak larat nak cerita so tgk lah lain kali kalau nak sambung... kalau tak, biarlah rahsia ;)

to sayang, please remember, the chocolate is meant to be eaten not as display only at your desk in the office ;)


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