I hate getting bad (or not good enough) advice

3 weeks ago...oh no... 4 weeks ago... erina got stye (ketumbit)
eye stye treatment

on her right eyelids, at first I thought it was mosquito bite so I just ignore it for a few days.
then after a week, it still did not recede or getting bigger so I brought her to clinic. Due to some logistics issue, we went to a not-so-favored clinic. The GP said "Oh! Ketumbit ni, baru seminggu. Takpe. Kalau dah lebih sebulan still tak hilang lagi then please consult eye specialist". Disebabkan the visit was paid by company's insurance, the clinic was sure to overpaid by prescribe my daughter eye drops
AND PARACETAMOL. WTH!!! Saya yang buta medicine ni pun tau paracetamol is for fever not for ketumbit. But the clinic assistant said "kalau demam". still wth!!!

fast forward to today... the stye still there. I was at my mom's house this morning, still considering which eye specialist that we would like to consult with. Hubby want to go to clinic nearby so we bring Erina for another consultation with GP. This time the GP said "Oh kecik je ketumbitnya ni... you should tuam with tuala suam to reduce it. But I will still write reference letter for you to go to eye specialist." And she did not prescribe anything for Erina. What a vast difference between the two GPs.

We were considering to go either Tun Hussien Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH) or Damansara Specialist Hospital (since this is the only one private hospital nearby my home that have ophthalmologist and a lot of paedtrician). We were not sure if the NEH is government or private. But it was not in the list of company's insurance as much as I can recall. So off we go to DSH, first time nak pegi situ so have to consult en. Garmin. Senang je rupanya cuma dia tersorok sket dari jalan besar kat TTDI tuh.

After a hassle of getting the GL, we managed to consult with Dr. Noraini. Her advice? The same advice as per Klang's GP!!! In addition, she said we should do the tuam thingy earlier as it is now getting harder. Oh man!! I felt really terrible of getting bad (or not good enough advice) from that lousy GP. Anyway, we will put Erina for tuam activities and eye drops medication for a week. If nothing change, she will have to go for incision to remove the stye.

Tapi saya yang dah start berdebar2. Doa banyak2 semoga stye ni hilang dalam masa seminggu nih.....


Farah said…
Anak aku 3-4 minggu lepas merah2 mata, kitorang suspect conjuct so cepat2 bawak pegi paed, dia bagi eye drop tapi bila picit dari tiub tu keluar mcm gel, tiub kecik je tapi agak mahal..nama ubat tu Fucithalmic, ada fusidic acid, aku check online mmg fusidic acid ni mematikan protein utk conjunct dan stye tu membiak..lepas pakai 2-3 kali terus baik mata merah dia..

then minggu lepas mata aku plak ketumbit tapi jenis yg belah dlm, aku terus letak fucithalmic tu, 2 hari terus kecut..tak sure la boleh beli ke tak fucithalmic tu kat farmasi, sebab dia tulis kat tiub tu prescription medicine..

tu pengalaman aku la..hope dpt membantu ko..
Saidatul Maria said…
thanks farah...the eye specialist just prescribe opthalmic solution je sbb stye tu kat upper lid and the 'mata' is inside the lid so kalau gel mmg tak leh kena lah...

anyway thanks for the great info, might be helpful in future :)

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