The Best of Both Worlds : Celcom BlackBerry Torch

presenting to you...(...drum roll...) the BlackBerry Torch and its two worlds.

What worlds do you ask?

World No 1:
Full 3.2inches touch screen
occay, as most smartphones nowadays, the touch screen did revolutionize the way people using their phones. just use your beautiful finger to tap, slide, move anything on the screen. oh with this BlackBerry you can pinch and zoom. owwwhhh i like this, it is sort of mini screen in the CSI series where they can just move their apps or picture from one screen to another using their fingers. in addition, this big screen, 3.2inches ok, will really make browsing through the 5 mega pixels pictures and video worth. and another owwwhhh, bigger screen for facebook and other social networking sites ;) i like it.

World No 2:
BlackBerry keyboard
Yeah, for those times when the feel of using phone more classic (or is it conventional?), use the QWERTY keyboard. for those who do not know, QWERTY keyboard basically means the keyboard layout as per computer's keyboard, the letters Q-W-E-R-T-Y is at the left uppermost side. So sometimes could be faster typing with this if and only if you use both hands ;)

So with the two sides of using phones in one smartphone, it feels like 2-in-1, who does not want gadget that can have multifunction. you will not get bored, if bored with the touch screen, we can use the keyboard and vice versa.

owwhhh i almost forget, it is a slide phone. it feels lady like but what so feminine about slide phone??!!! erkkk i do not have an answer to that. better leave the question unanswered ;)

but right now, celcom have make BlackBerry Torch affordable as you can see from the plan below

so please raise your hand and go to Celcom if you want to join in the hype of having BlackBerry Torch :)


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