... anecdote 3 ... makan

Scenario A

Aiman: Ibu masak apa malam ni?
Me: Nasi lah.
Aiman: Alah, tak nak lah. Hari2 makan nasi.
(terpaksa lah ibu nye tukar menu dinner)

Scenario B

At a kedai makan, waiter dtg to get the order...
Aiman: Air ribena satu
Erina: Air oren
(waiter jot down the order, we order and he wrote some more then he went away)
Aiman: Eh! Meja ni tak lap.
(fortunately waiter tu tak dgr, aiman sounds a little bit rude and got scolded by hubby)
Aiman: Aiman order ribena, apsal abang tu tulis O mula2...ribena mana ada O
(actually, by the time he finished said his order, the waiter have finished write ribena in short form and starting to write oren)

Scenario C

Going out for lunch with hubby's mom and granny.
Waiter: Okey ini air kopi nye.. (to hubby's granny)
Aiman: Eh apsal onyang (hubby's granny) tak minum nescafo?
Me and hubby: Huh? Nescafo? Apa tu?
Aiman: nescafo lah... onyang selalu minum kat rumah nenek
Then it struck us... Nescaffe 'O' is nescafo :D

Scenario D

I cook for dinner, I set up the table, I serve hubby and kids.
They start eating but I still going to and fro from kitchen to dining table bawa order yg tetiba ("Ibu... nak guna sudu lah", "Ibu...nak minum lah", "Ibu... nak air lah")/
So...usually I start eating a little bit later. The kids will finish faster since their portion is small.
And.. I also finish up the food, do not like leftovers.
Then suddenly Aiman (who by then have continue watching tv) says "Kenapa ibu lama sangat kat meja tu?"
....... I was speechless .......... (tetiba rasa gemuk :( )


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