... Counting My Blessings ...

Thanks to Allah

... for letting me into this world safely 31 years ago
... for making me an able-bodied person
... for always make my heart stays true to Your way
... for bestow upon me the best parents (best in their own special way) to brought me up
... for giving me a great family and extended families
... for making me knowing so many friends throughout my life

Thanks to Ayah

... for being such an open-minded dad
... for being understanding and supportive of whatever decision I had taken
... for all your hardship to brought me up
... for being a loving grandfather to my kids

Thanks to Emak

... for instilling the values of life, love and money ;)
... for your unconditional love
... for your strong will in keeping us together as a family
... for being a loving grandmother to my kids

Thanks to my only Brother

... for being my sparring partner
... for being my brother (hehehe)

Thanks to hubby

... for all what you have done for me ( I really appreciate it)
... for the love that we shared and I know it is still growing
... for all the humility and life lessons
... for the great 2 kids ;) (for now hihihi)

Thanks to my parents in-law

... for 'restu' your son to marry me :)
... for accepting me as one of your daughters
... for being a loving grandparents for my kids

Thanks to my sisters in-law ( & a brother in-law)

... for letting me be one of your sisters

Thanks to all of my FRIENDS

... for being a friend to me (even if it is for 'once upon a time' or 'now u see, now u don't' or 'will be there when u need' or 'forever there')
... for all the happy moments that we ever had together (it really make up my life)
... for all the not-so-happy, sad, fighting moments that we ever had together (it really enrich my life)

Thanks to all of you, in a way or some ways you have make some imprint in my life. May Allah bless you all for the goodness that have been shared. I love all of you in a way. :)

Thanks to Allah. Alhamdulillah.


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