public transportation

Do you use public transportation? I use it every working days.

For some people, it is very difficult since have to 'bersesak-sesak'. Have to wait. Out of their way. And many other reasons that applicable to those who do not want to use it. I am not being judgmental. Just laying out all the possible reasons that I can think of.

As for me, I always live nearby public transportation hub or station. If something happen to our own vehicle, public transportation is always there to be as a backup. Despite the irregularities of the arrival schedule, I think is enough as backup plan.

I do not drive yet and thats became the main reason for me to use public transportation. Plus the parking fee at my office area is ridiculously expensive. Parking fee for a month could buy me a pair of Primavera shoes :)

Another reason is because I find using public transportation is greener. Less carbon foot print. Just another small contribution to save the world. :)

There are always enough "entertainment" on board that keep me amuse and amaze. I would share it with you later.

However, I do not like travel by bus because the accident risk is quite high :). Enough bus ride during my school days :)

Yeah, I do agree the level of public transportation is not at par with other developed countries. But please bear in mind that most citizens of Malaysia is still not at the level of developed countries personality. As for now, it is sufficient to serve the Malaysians.

So, what is your preference of public transportation?


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