Cartoon Attractions

Last Tuesday I read an article in The Sun titled "Cartoon Attractions". In short the author, Anna Tham, told about the benefits of children watching cartoon. One way to spend quality time with our kids is through watching cartoon together, hence we as parents could point out the moral behind the cartoon's storyline. Some of the cartoons are also educational which I found are very beneficial for pre-school children.

However there are some guidelines on providing this comfort activity to the kids. The children must be supervised during watching the cartoon. The cartoon must not contain any sexual, violence or bad manners. So that said, anime is really out of the equation. Anime should be labelled as 18SX or 18SG. :)

I really believe in the right cartoon as an educational tool. When I was in Standard One, my then English Teacher gave us a lesson by let us watch an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks. I still remember in that episode, the chipmunks was learning of how to spell Mississippi. It is M - I - double S - I - double S - I - double P - I. hahaha ... Since then, I really love watch cartoon until now and for now I watch it with my kids.

And nowadays, during my kids generation, they have more varieties of cartoons to choose from. Some that I really approve are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Word World and Upin & Ipin. :)

So, which cartoon program that you let your children watch? and what are your favorite?


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