My Water Moments

An outing in a big group of family or friends will be more memorable if somehow it involves water activities. For the past few months, my family have gone to two waterfalls nearby Klang Valley.

The first one was a picnic with my officemate at Sg. Chongkak.The kids really enjoy themselves with the perfect spot of the river, a lot of friends and delicious meals.

Splashing water is a great activity to make new friends. But with Sony TX5 special features of BIONZ imaging process and high sensitivity of "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, I guess the picture above could capture the water droplet more clearly and also the happy expression of the kids.

Aiman at his utmost playfulness mood. This shot could be more creative taken with half shot underwater with water proof Sony TX5.
My hubby latest craze of his nature shot - waterfall. Sony TX5 ability to capture a single optimized image by superimposing six visual frames could produce a more dramatic and natural image of this small waterfall.

Then a week later on a fine Sunday morning, we went to Templer Park with my in-laws.
This is one of my favorite picture of me and my little girl. This serene moment could be captured more realistically with The Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens of Sony TX5.
As I mentioned before, the addition from Templer Park for my hubby's nature photos collection. Sony TX5's anti-motion blur mode can give a more sharp image of the waterfall above by reducing 50% of the noise and the subject blur.

What else do I like about Sony TX5?

  • It comes in 5 fantastic color: Red, Pink, Green, Silver, Black (I heart Black, it is so sleek)

  • It is shock proof from 1.5m (I have a photographer junior in the house and kids do drop things once in a while ;) )
  • It is very slim and only weight 128g (ahhh it is a bliss to bring it in my handbag)
  • Its power and precision are proven in its ability to capture panaromic photos effortlessly (this could be the favorite features for hubby's craze of nature photos)
In summary, this Sony TX5 is really great for the whole family usage. My current Water Moments could be greater quality memento with Sony TX5.


Ms.Lilies said…
beb....found ur blog tru fb...

-mimi qtn-
Saidatul Maria said…
hehe :) thanks mimi

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